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Are you repairing moisture damage, or updating your home exterior? We are here to help! We can repair or replace your existing stoop, porch or patio. Add a stone walkway, or an elegant new outdoor kitchen or stone fireplace. Visit www.ReactionHardscape.com for more information.

Our expert masonry crew are in-house trained specialists with strong construction backgrounds. 

We serve the areas of West Chester, Newtown Square, Chester County, Delaware County and New Castle County.  

Porches and Stoops in West Chester, Stucco repair in West Chester, Reaction Exteriors in West Chester. Porches, stoops, patios and walkways.

New patio or porch installation in Glen Mills, PA.

New patio or porch installation in Glen Mills, PA.

Stoop replacement in conjunction with stucco remediation

Frequently during stucco remediation of an elevation above a stoop without covering, we find that moisture intrusion has caused irreparable damage to the substrate and framing behind the stoop. 

Remove stucco under front entry door

Exhume front stoop in its entirety 

Remove framing below the height of concrete stoop

Provide temporary structural support where required

Extend height of foundation with concrete masonry block or poured concrete, depending upon existing foundation

Dowel into existing foundation every 16" with #4 rebar

New foundation height must extend 4" above finished height of stoop

Install J-bolts in new foundation every 36"

Install sill foam

Install new pressure treated sill plate

Fill in required framing

Install 1/2" plywood sheathing

Dowel into new foundation

Pour new concrete pad

Install flagstone, pavers etc. (optional)

Install deck flashing detail

Install weep screed detail 

Remove & re-install door

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